Sildenafil Citrate

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50mg x 92 tablet $149.95 $1.63 $79.67
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100mg x 12 tablet $35.95 $3.00
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Kamagra from India or Sildenafil is the first representative of the new group of medicinal remedies allowing achieving adequate sexual stimulation, expanding blood vessels of a penis and promoting achievement of erection.

Who shouldn’t take Kamagra from India?
Kamagra from India shouldn’t be used by people who have allergic reactions. It can’t be taken if you already use the medicines, which contain nitrates or are donators of an oxide of nitrogen. Such pills are used (along with other drugs) in certain cases, for example, for the treatment of quinsy. The most widely used medicine with nitrates is nitroglycerine, isosorbide dinitrate, and isosorbide mononitrate. If you have got sick with quinsy and aren’t sure whether the substances listed above contain in your drugs, consult with the doctor before taking Kamagra from India.

What precautionary measures it is necessary to adhere before taking?
Before taking, inform the doctor whether you have any diseases of a genital, whether you had painful erections or the diagnosis of the rarely descended disease of eyes called pigmentary retinitis. Also, you have to learn whether you have a stomach ulcer or a duodenum or any problems with coagulability of blood. Also, tell the doctor whether you undergo any treatment of erectile dysfunction now.

What special recommendations elderly patients can get?
Elderly people should begin treatment with minimum recommended dosage (25 mg).


Special instructions:
Kamagra from India can’t be given to children. Keep packing in the place inaccessible to children. What special recommendations are for patients with diseases of kidneys or a liver? Patients with serious diseases of a liver or kidneys have to take Kamagra from India with caution, beginning treatment with the minimum recommended dosage, i.e. 25 mg.


Is ability to driving the car or control the mechanisms broken somehow at taking the medicine?
Kamagra from India doesn’t reduce the ability to driving the car or control mechanisms.


Whether it is possible to take medicine along with other drugs?
It isn’t necessary to use Kamagra from India along with nitrates and donators of an oxide of nitrogen, and also with isosorbide dinitrates and isosorbide mononitrates. The combination with other medicines has to be approved by your doctor. Especially it concerns Cimetidine and Ketoconazole.


How is it correct to take a pill?
For most of men, the adequate dose makes 50 mg in 1 hour prior to the planned sexual intercourse. It isn’t necessary to take Kamagra from India more than once a day. Kamagra from India gives necessary effect only in the presence of sexual excitement. It isn’t an aphrodisiac. Effect of medicine is shown during the time, which can make from 30 minutes to 1,5 hours. After plentiful food, effect of medicine can begin later. Before taking the tablets, it isn’t recommended to take alcohol in a big amount. Any changes in a dosage of medicine should be done only according to the recommendation of the doctor treating you.


Are there side effects?
As well as the majority of other drugs, this medicine can cause some undesirable reactions. They usually are moderately expressed and remain not for long. The most frequent side effects are a headache and rush of blood to a face. Less often are digestion violations, dizziness, congestion of a nose, and change of the vision (change of color of objects, the increased brightness of light).


How to store tablets?
Kamagra from India expiration date is two years. Taking pills after termination of an expiration date is forbidden. It is recommended to store a product in the dark, cool room remote from small children. The temperature of storage shouldn’t exceed 20 degrees Celsius. It isn’t recommended to store capsules unpacked. At damage of its integrity, doctors forbid to take a pill.


What are the effects at overdose?
The maximum daily dose of medicine makes 100 milligrams. The producer doesn’t recommend to exceed the specified Kamagra from India amount. The overdose is followed by strong side effects and deterioration in the general health. At the first signs of overdose, it is necessary to see a doctor. Washing a stomach and other treatment is provided in most cases.


Do I need a prescription to purchase Kamagra from India or it is available otc?
You can buy Kamagra from India in pharmacy or to make the order online over the counter. The prices per pill in online shop from India are the cheapest.

  • Sase says:

    I was lucky to buy the best Kamagra from India online for the excellent price without a prescription. I used it according to the instruction and didn’t do experiments. The tablet helps well. I can give the advice – drink more water so that medicine came out quicker and you didn’t see any side effects.

    November 6, 2017
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    January 10, 2018