Shipment Policy

As our medication is made and delivered from India, the shipment takes time. As a rule, the customer receives his order within 10-17 days although it may take another 5 days.

If you don’t receive your medication after the dead-line, you should inform us about this. We will do our best to find out the reason and to help you.


Order Annulment Policy

You can cancel your order ONLY within 24 hours after its confirmation. In this case you need to get in touch with the support team via phone or e-mail and inform them about your decision. The order cancellation is impossible when 24-hours period is expired.

Before the order confirmation you should check twice your order form to verify whether you have inserted a correct shipment address. You may not receive your medication if any mistake has been made in the order form. If you see that there is a mistake in the address notes you should immediately get in touch with us and inform about the problem.


Repayment Policy

We produce generic equivalents to the brand-name counterparts. However you can be sure that they have the same chemical composition and medical impact.

If you are not content with the impact caused by our medication, do not hesitate to inform us. You will receive the return address and when the medicaments are returned, the returns department will proceed with the refund procedure.

Check that you take the correct dosage and that you stick to the correct product dosage and keep to the instructions for use, before you decide to contact us. Remember that the impact may be slowed down due to the fat food and alcohol you have before taking the tab.

However if you don’t receive the product by the dead line (10-17 days are needed for the delivery and you should remember that the customs checking may take 5 days more) you should inform our support team and they will refund your money. The reimbursement will be sent to the credit card provided by you. You will be able to see that the reimbursement is transferred to your card within 5-7 business days.

It is important to know that taking into consideration our products’ specific nature we shall accept no returns. There is no guarantee that during the order transportation the storage conditions were observed and as a result we shall not accept the medication even if the package is intact.



Our main task is to observe your privacy. We use it in a careful and sensible way because we understand how much it is important for you. The information you provide to us shall never be disclosed the third party.

We guarantee the security of all our transactions. 256 bit Secure Sockets Layer, so called SSL, protects your information by encrypting the information you fill in. Moreover, independent and reputable agencies certified our billing services confirming the safety and privacy of your data.

Our database reflects only your credit card’s last 4 digits meaning that our customer support operators have no access to the information of your credit card as well.